Vintage cameras and photography

Some cool stuff

I found these tonight and thought I’d share with the rest of you. The first is a set of bookends. These would make a great gift for any photographer and book lover. They aren’t vintage themselves, but are of vintage cameras. 

Vintage Book Ends

Here is a few wonderful pieces of wall art with vintage cameras. These would be great hanging above the books or around a studio office. 


Taft with movie camera

Can’t forget about a few Framed Prints of vintage cameras. These are wonderfully

Argus Framed Print

Samoca Framed Print

 Great blog post on 2 vintage cameras. Fantastic photographs from them also.

I found this to be an wonderful sight for vintage photos and a bit of information on some vintage cameras. Worth taking a look at.  The author has several years experience with vintage cameras of different types. Wonderful read for those wanting to learn more or just enjoy the photographs.

100 Beautiful Vintage Cameras. The images are stunning and before is given a brief history. Definitely worth looking at.

HERE’S my favorite of those. I want one like this.

My two cameras that are old, but not quite vintage.

Minolta NOT in working condition anymore due to shutter stuck 😦

It was a great camera for me.

Film that is still in canisters and unexposed. There’s also a roll in the minolta. This film and camera are from around 2002.

So, there are my 2 old cameras via photographs from my Nikon D3100. I do miss the mystery of shooting with film. Digital has kind of spoiled me. I will have to scan some of my photos from this camera and post them.

What do you think about my cameras? Do you have any vintage ones? Post them here. I did find an OLDIE in a shop the other day that i would love to go buy.

Until next time.




Just some random photographs taken yesterday. Thought I’d share with the masses. Trains are neat and the graffiti make them really interesting. I think they should do entire box cars in a huge work of graffiti. Traveling works of art and free advertising.                                   AWESOME IDEA. Here that CSX and KCS. . . . . . . Get companies to pay for advertising on your cars and then you can have a graffiti artist create the whole thing and they get a small fee plus everyone gets advertising and trains become interesting works of art traveling the country. FANTASTIC IDEA…. Now I need to go pitch it.

100 Things Challenge

I was over on LiveJournal and on a friend’s page saw this. I’m going to change it to 

30 Things Challenge

I will be doing this and will probably do this as my month long photo blog idea I had or I may go ahead and do the 100 Things.

How’s this work

1. Pick a Thing. 

2. Commit to blog about it (100) 30 times.

3. Your (100) 30 Things can be as personal or impersonal as you like. You can compile your own Best Of list, use someone else’s as a basis (e.g. Rolling Stone’s Top 500 albums of all time or Film Stage’s Top 100 films of the decade), talk about something you’re passionate about in (100) 30 pieces, catalogue (100) 30 days, or even ask your flist  (100) 30 probing questions. You can interpret (100) 30 Things any way you like, but here are some examples to give you an idea of what you could do:

(Change all of the following (100) to 30 or keep it as is:)

100 Recipes I’ve Never Tried Before & Other Kitchen Disasters
100 Of The Best & Worst Pop Videos In The World… Ever!
100 Things I Wish I’d Known At 15
100 Awesome/Awful Sporting Moments
100 Books Everyone Should Read
100 Songs By The Rolling Stones: Discography Discussed
100 Films I Endured Subtitles For, Were They Worth It?
100 Places I’ve Hung My Hat
100 Moments When Ordinary People Changed My/The World
100 Things I Overheard
100 Fics I Really Loved
100 Brilliant Goals
100 Pics of Abandoned Buildings
100 Philosophy Quotes & Their Every Day Application
100 Things I Bought In Thrift Stores & How I Restored Them
100 Inspiring People
100 Cult TV Things
100 Rooms I Wish Were Mine
100 Lessons Life Taught Me This Year

Need more ideas?   CHECK OUT THIS LIST

4. 100 entries?! That’s a lot! Yes, it is. That’s why it’s called ‘a challenge’ and not ‘something to piss about with for five minutes’. Frightened you don’t know enough about any one Thing or will get bored?

– mix and match with something like ‘100 Books, Songs, Films, and TV Shows I Have Loved’

– alternatively, you can break your 100 Things down into subcategories. For example, if you pick Cult TV Things, you can make 10 entries about Buffyisms, 10 about Firefly, whittle down the top 10 Star Trek episodes, post about 10 TV shows that are so cult your flist will never have heard of them, pick 10 kisses, choose your favourite 10 characters etc.. Likewise, you could break a fic 100 Things down by pairing and fandom, or Awesome European Films could break down to 33 Spanish films, 33 French films, 33 Italian, and Flemish-speaking Belgium’s cinematic masterpiece. Like that, 100 breaks down pretty quickly into chunks, but the point is to challenge yourself – and it’ll hopefully give you something to post about when you can’t think what else to post about (and save your cat from Vogueing).

5. The idea is to generate content that’s considered, fun, focused, and interesting, and to make 100 entries featuring 1 Thing each. If you/your flist really, really can’t face that, you can bundle your 100 Things into packages (50 entries of 2 contrasting Things – 1 book I love, 1 that I never finished, 25 entries of 4 similar Things etc.). The minimum number of entries you need to commit to making in order to take part is 10 (10 Things each).

6. There is no deadline for this challenge. You can sign-up at any time, and post completely and utterly at your own pace. Zip through them in a few months by all means, but if you can only post once a week and it takes you two years to finish your 100 Things, that’s fine, and if you end up posting randomly and not finishing this decade, it still counts. 

7. Number your entries in some way so you know when you’re done, and tag them with something like ‘100 Things’ or ‘one hundred things’.

8.  When you make your 100th entry make another entry that says,  ‘I BLOGGED 100 THINGS! I AM A WINNER!’

9. Bask in the glory of having done your bit to make the whole goddamn universe a better place ♥. Oh, and that you were a success.


I will start this May 1st. I’m going to do this for the months of May, June and July. Just haven’t figured out what topic to pick yet.

My dog, George


1 Labrador Retriever (yellow in colour & female)


1 Male dog (unknown breed)

My dog, GEORGE, is very unusual. I got him for free in July of 2006 from a family that was getting rid of the whole litter including the registered yellow labrador mother. I guess she had run off and gotten herself preggers and they didn’t know who the daddy was to any of the puppies. Now when you looked at the puppies it was clear that these little balls of fluff were not all from the same papa. George’s brother has long black hair with a large white patch on his chest. He is about the same size, but much more dainty and refined. Clearly NOT another labrador retriever. He tends to look a lot like a BORADOR (Border Collie Lab Mix).

George on the other hand is very LABRADOR looking, but yet there’s something other than lab there. I’m still trying to figure out what his papa was. I thought may be CHESAPEAKE BAY RETRIEVER because of his brown chocolatey black fur and when he was a pup he had the most amazing hazel eyes.

Please comment with your thoughts on what you think George’s other half might be. I know his mama was a yellow lab because I saw her with my own eyes and even saw the papers. Yes, I asked when the lady had mentioned it. WHAT IS HIS OTHER HALF?

On a totally different note.

So, my original intent was to blog about how my dog doesn’t really act like a dog. He acts a lot like a submissive. I’m definitely his pack leader. He sticks by me every minute. He looks to me for what he can and can’t do. He obeys rather well. He will just go and lay down on the floor right next to me. I have very loyal dogs. I had another dog, Pippy, who did the  same thing. May be it’s the way I raise then. Strict discipline and lots of love as a puppy and through out their life. Trusting that they aren’t going to run away, so they don’t have to be on a leash every second when outdoors. George has a hard time when we go to the dog park. He isn’t socialized enough and doesn’t want to leave my side most of the time. He will eventually, but he doesn’t venture far.

I love my dog GEORGE. One thing about loyal dogs is that you don’t have to worry about extra protection.

What to blog about when you have nothing to say

TOPICS to write about WHEN your MUSE is on hiatus

  1. Your personal photography style    SIMILAR POST HERE
  2. The best and worst editing software    SIMILAR TO THIS. Even though this isn’t a blog it could be used as research. You could use a single photograph and use all of these and write your own personal review on each. Showing how each is different and similar.
  3. You could blog about how to embark on the career of a Paparazzi. RESEARCH HERE , HERE, HERE, and HERE.
  4. The best storage devices for your endless number of Photographs and a variety of media.  STORAGE HERE, Here, and HERE

There’s another topic for a blog, but it has been done and will continue to be a HUGE topic until the end of times. You can read a great one HERE which is a 2 part blog. It may be a long read, but is full of information and ideas to every photographer that sells or will be selling their work.

Although, this one is a link in a forum post; It is a great read and worth the time to skim through the forum as well.

This blog post is also a great one for anyone that thinks that those HUGE GINORMOUS watermarks are ugly. I use a full cover watermark on almost all of my photos and with the ease of Photoshop I’m not going to change. This blog talks about how many on Pinterest are breaking copyright laws. Any photographer that makes money on their photographs would be interested in knowing how easy it is to take a screen cap and then crop and save. Wah La you now have a free copy of that photo without having to even do a right-click or an actual save image.

HERE is another blog that talks about the rules of US Copyright Infringement. Don’t know how good it is, but it was written by a photographer that is UK Soviet based.

THIS ONE is another blog post, and has as a guest for this particular post. definitely check it out. Some wonderful information about copyrights and photographs.

5. Other ideas for a blog post. Maybe you’re a professional Landscape Photographer. You could give pointers for getting that great shot. Maybe use several photographs with different stories behind them. How did you get that awesome photo when it was raining outside and not get your equipment drenched.

6. Another great blog idea is talking about how to become a wedding photographer or maybe the pitfalls and disadvantages of it. Heck that could be said for a lot of different areas of photography.

7. Horse Show Photographers. Give advice to ammies and maybe how to get your foot in the door to making it to the big times.

8. Maybe you want to use a blog to keep everyone updated on that little sproutlet that is growing like a weed. You could use a photo blog and each week take a new series of photographs. This is a great one for relatives that live far away and want to see how the youngsters are growing. Even works fantastic for horses and foals. In our barn we have an owner that I’ve always kept updated by sending photographs and videos. It helps them see their horses without having to drive for 8 hours.

So, there are several topics for writing a blog post when you really have nothing to say. I just did it and really could keep going, but I’ll stop while I’m ahead. “Less is More” is a great quote and one I try to live by when it comes to art and certain things.

Any other ideas are welcomed. I’ll leave you with a quick edited photo for today. Even with very little editing and cropping this turned out to be an interesting capture.

Happy Shooting and Photographing


silent black and white film

This is my first attempt and certainly won’t be my last. My love of old silent films is HUGE. I really loved making this and it was sooo much fun. This is ELOC a now 4 year old Thoroughbred colt. These photographs were shot back in September of 2010. He had just come back to the farm after being up in north Louisiana for 8 months in race training. I’m going to do more sequence photographs now. I think I can only improve.Anyone want a great movie go watch HUGO. It’s not silent nor black and white, but it is great and mostly about George Melies. Want to know more about him go HERE

Click on the image for it to play

Thanks for watching