Vintage cameras and photography

Some cool stuff

I found these tonight and thought I’d share with the rest of you. The first is a set of bookends. These would make a great gift for any photographer and book lover. They aren’t vintage themselves, but are of vintage cameras. 

Vintage Book Ends

Here is a few wonderful pieces of wall art with vintage cameras. These would be great hanging above the books or around a studio office. 


Taft with movie camera

Can’t forget about a few Framed Prints of vintage cameras. These are wonderfully

Argus Framed Print

Samoca Framed Print

 Great blog post on 2 vintage cameras. Fantastic photographs from them also.

I found this to be an wonderful sight for vintage photos and a bit of information on some vintage cameras. Worth taking a look at.  The author has several years experience with vintage cameras of different types. Wonderful read for those wanting to learn more or just enjoy the photographs.

100 Beautiful Vintage Cameras. The images are stunning and before is given a brief history. Definitely worth looking at.

HERE’S my favorite of those. I want one like this.

My two cameras that are old, but not quite vintage.

Minolta NOT in working condition anymore due to shutter stuck 😦

It was a great camera for me.

Film that is still in canisters and unexposed. There’s also a roll in the minolta. This film and camera are from around 2002.

So, there are my 2 old cameras via photographs from my Nikon D3100. I do miss the mystery of shooting with film. Digital has kind of spoiled me. I will have to scan some of my photos from this camera and post them.

What do you think about my cameras? Do you have any vintage ones? Post them here. I did find an OLDIE in a shop the other day that i would love to go buy.

Until next time.



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