My dog, George


1 Labrador Retriever (yellow in colour & female)


1 Male dog (unknown breed)

My dog, GEORGE, is very unusual. I got him for free in July of 2006 from a family that was getting rid of the whole litter including the registered yellow labrador mother. I guess she had run off and gotten herself preggers and they didn’t know who the daddy was to any of the puppies. Now when you looked at the puppies it was clear that these little balls of fluff were not all from the same papa. George’s brother has long black hair with a large white patch on his chest. He is about the same size, but much more dainty and refined. Clearly NOT another labrador retriever. He tends to look a lot like a BORADOR (Border Collie Lab Mix).

George on the other hand is very LABRADOR looking, but yet there’s something other than lab there. I’m still trying to figure out what his papa was. I thought may be CHESAPEAKE BAY RETRIEVER because of his brown chocolatey black fur and when he was a pup he had the most amazing hazel eyes.

Please comment with your thoughts on what you think George’s other half might be. I know his mama was a yellow lab because I saw her with my own eyes and even saw the papers. Yes, I asked when the lady had mentioned it. WHAT IS HIS OTHER HALF?

On a totally different note.

So, my original intent was to blog about how my dog doesn’t really act like a dog. He acts a lot like a submissive. I’m definitely his pack leader. He sticks by me every minute. He looks to me for what he can and can’t do. He obeys rather well. He will just go and lay down on the floor right next to me. I have very loyal dogs. I had another dog, Pippy, who did the  same thing. May be it’s the way I raise then. Strict discipline and lots of love as a puppy and through out their life. Trusting that they aren’t going to run away, so they don’t have to be on a leash every second when outdoors. George has a hard time when we go to the dog park. He isn’t socialized enough and doesn’t want to leave my side most of the time. He will eventually, but he doesn’t venture far.

I love my dog GEORGE. One thing about loyal dogs is that you don’t have to worry about extra protection.

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