100 Things Challenge

I was over on LiveJournal and on a friend’s page saw this. I’m going to change it to 

30 Things Challenge

I will be doing this and will probably do this as my month long photo blog idea I had or I may go ahead and do the 100 Things.

How’s this work

1. Pick a Thing. 

2. Commit to blog about it (100) 30 times.

3. Your (100) 30 Things can be as personal or impersonal as you like. You can compile your own Best Of list, use someone else’s as a basis (e.g. Rolling Stone’s Top 500 albums of all time or Film Stage’s Top 100 films of the decade), talk about something you’re passionate about in (100) 30 pieces, catalogue (100) 30 days, or even ask your flist  (100) 30 probing questions. You can interpret (100) 30 Things any way you like, but here are some examples to give you an idea of what you could do:

(Change all of the following (100) to 30 or keep it as is:)

100 Recipes I’ve Never Tried Before & Other Kitchen Disasters
100 Of The Best & Worst Pop Videos In The World… Ever!
100 Things I Wish I’d Known At 15
100 Awesome/Awful Sporting Moments
100 Books Everyone Should Read
100 Songs By The Rolling Stones: Discography Discussed
100 Films I Endured Subtitles For, Were They Worth It?
100 Places I’ve Hung My Hat
100 Moments When Ordinary People Changed My/The World
100 Things I Overheard
100 Fics I Really Loved
100 Brilliant Goals
100 Pics of Abandoned Buildings
100 Philosophy Quotes & Their Every Day Application
100 Things I Bought In Thrift Stores & How I Restored Them
100 Inspiring People
100 Cult TV Things
100 Rooms I Wish Were Mine
100 Lessons Life Taught Me This Year

Need more ideas?   CHECK OUT THIS LIST

4. 100 entries?! That’s a lot! Yes, it is. That’s why it’s called ‘a challenge’ and not ‘something to piss about with for five minutes’. Frightened you don’t know enough about any one Thing or will get bored?

– mix and match with something like ‘100 Books, Songs, Films, and TV Shows I Have Loved’

– alternatively, you can break your 100 Things down into subcategories. For example, if you pick Cult TV Things, you can make 10 entries about Buffyisms, 10 about Firefly, whittle down the top 10 Star Trek episodes, post about 10 TV shows that are so cult your flist will never have heard of them, pick 10 kisses, choose your favourite 10 characters etc.. Likewise, you could break a fic 100 Things down by pairing and fandom, or Awesome European Films could break down to 33 Spanish films, 33 French films, 33 Italian, and Flemish-speaking Belgium’s cinematic masterpiece. Like that, 100 breaks down pretty quickly into chunks, but the point is to challenge yourself – and it’ll hopefully give you something to post about when you can’t think what else to post about (and save your cat from Vogueing).

5. The idea is to generate content that’s considered, fun, focused, and interesting, and to make 100 entries featuring 1 Thing each. If you/your flist really, really can’t face that, you can bundle your 100 Things into packages (50 entries of 2 contrasting Things – 1 book I love, 1 that I never finished, 25 entries of 4 similar Things etc.). The minimum number of entries you need to commit to making in order to take part is 10 (10 Things each).

6. There is no deadline for this challenge. You can sign-up at any time, and post completely and utterly at your own pace. Zip through them in a few months by all means, but if you can only post once a week and it takes you two years to finish your 100 Things, that’s fine, and if you end up posting randomly and not finishing this decade, it still counts. 

7. Number your entries in some way so you know when you’re done, and tag them with something like ‘100 Things’ or ‘one hundred things’.

8.  When you make your 100th entry make another entry that says,  ‘I BLOGGED 100 THINGS! I AM A WINNER!’

9. Bask in the glory of having done your bit to make the whole goddamn universe a better place ♥. Oh, and that you were a success.


I will start this May 1st. I’m going to do this for the months of May, June and July. Just haven’t figured out what topic to pick yet.

comments & feedback HERE!!!

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