What to blog about when you have nothing to say

TOPICS to write about WHEN your MUSE is on hiatus

  1. Your personal photography style    SIMILAR POST HERE
  2. The best and worst editing software    SIMILAR TO THIS. Even though this isn’t a blog it could be used as research. You could use a single photograph and use all of these and write your own personal review on each. Showing how each is different and similar.
  3. You could blog about how to embark on the career of a Paparazzi. RESEARCH HERE , HERE, HERE, and HERE.
  4. The best storage devices for your endless number of Photographs and a variety of media.  STORAGE HERE, Here, and HERE

There’s another topic for a blog, but it has been done and will continue to be a HUGE topic until the end of times. You can read a great one HERE which is a 2 part blog. It may be a long read, but is full of information and ideas to every photographer that sells or will be selling their work.

Although, this one is a link in a forum post; It is a great read and worth the time to skim through the forum as well.

This blog post is also a great one for anyone that thinks that those HUGE GINORMOUS watermarks are ugly. I use a full cover watermark on almost all of my photos and with the ease of Photoshop I’m not going to change. This blog talks about how many on Pinterest are breaking copyright laws. Any photographer that makes money on their photographs would be interested in knowing how easy it is to take a screen cap and then crop and save. Wah La you now have a free copy of that photo without having to even do a right-click or an actual save image.

HERE is another blog that talks about the rules of US Copyright Infringement. Don’t know how good it is, but it was written by a photographer that is UK Soviet based.

THIS ONE is another blog post, and has Photolaw.net as a guest for this particular post. definitely check it out. Some wonderful information about copyrights and photographs.

5. Other ideas for a blog post. Maybe you’re a professional Landscape Photographer. You could give pointers for getting that great shot. Maybe use several photographs with different stories behind them. How did you get that awesome photo when it was raining outside and not get your equipment drenched.

6. Another great blog idea is talking about how to become a wedding photographer or maybe the pitfalls and disadvantages of it. Heck that could be said for a lot of different areas of photography.

7. Horse Show Photographers. Give advice to ammies and maybe how to get your foot in the door to making it to the big times.

8. Maybe you want to use a blog to keep everyone updated on that little sproutlet that is growing like a weed. You could use a photo blog and each week take a new series of photographs. This is a great one for relatives that live far away and want to see how the youngsters are growing. Even works fantastic for horses and foals. In our barn we have an owner that I’ve always kept updated by sending photographs and videos. It helps them see their horses without having to drive for 8 hours.

So, there are several topics for writing a blog post when you really have nothing to say. I just did it and really could keep going, but I’ll stop while I’m ahead. “Less is More” is a great quote and one I try to live by when it comes to art and certain things.

Any other ideas are welcomed. I’ll leave you with a quick edited photo for today. Even with very little editing and cropping this turned out to be an interesting capture.

Happy Shooting and Photographing


comments & feedback HERE!!!

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