My productive yet unproductive evening. . . . . . .

Evening to A/all

so, tonight while laying in bed I decided to start on my official portfolio. Well, first I needed to find my area or specialty. I have many, but one that is easy for me is horses. Here are a couple that were quick and easy and just took no time at all. All photos were taken at the same time at the same place. I think these turned out great and should look awesome in my final portfolio.

grey jumper

I may do a photo book instead of a normal portfolio. I like my photos and a book would save them and I don’t think that I’d ever want to add to a yrs worth of horse photos. I could do one for each year and that could show progress and a great way to see how I’ve grown as a photographer.

the gentle giant

That’s a great idea that I can do for a ton of things. I’ve done sooooo many floral type of photos also and a great idea for my son. Each year do a book with all of the best photos on a subject. GO ME!!!!


comments & feedback HERE!!!

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