WOW! It’s been a while.

Lots have happened and then a lot hasn’t changed or really happened either. I’ve taken a ton of photographs in the last 2-3 yrs and still haven’t done a website. I’m probably going to try doing that this year. I still haven’t really found my niche but then maybe I don’t just have one. There’s so many things I want to do this year and so many things I’ll probably NOT be able to do this year. Life has been a huge roller coaster with a bunch of ups, downs, and spirals. I’m not entirely sure how I’ve not gone insane sometimes. I just have faith that I’m on the path that God wants me on and just keep putting one foot in front of the other and hope that it all turns out good.

I’m thinking about getting a minimum wage job just so I can save money for a huge road trip next summer but I really don’t know. There’s so many places I really want to go and then I have to think about my son. There are times that I think that maybe letting his father have him for a while would be great for everyone but then I’m not entirely sure about that. Who knows; maybe it’ll turn out to be the right answer in the end or maybe God will just force my hand. He does that sometimes.

Life is basically great, simple and I’m not in love with it but just good friends with it. One day maybe we’ll be in love and have hearts over our heads. Speaking of; I’ve yet to personally meet my soul’s mate. I know he’s out there, but that just another thing that God doesn’t think I’m ready for. Maybe one day I’ll be that lucky girl and finally meet him, my soul’s mate that is.

Enjoy my photography and let me know what you think. I’m thinking about maybe finding a gallery and doing an exhibit. Don’t really know what photos I’d use though. I’d have to pick 20 or so and that is really tough. ENJOY!LIFE!




The Latest HAPPENINGS in my world or Why i’ve been MIA

So, I’ve been MIA lately and did really finish my 30 days of photos during MAY. Well, that may be because I’ve been busy. My father thought it would be a great idea for my son to take 2 sessions of swim lessons and then do a reading class on Sundays. I’ve been working horses and giving a lot more riding lessons. So, my free time has been me reading and relaxing and trying to calm my inner self which has been rather caotic and non-stop. So, I’ve decided to use this as a blog and not promise anything like a ton of photos with themes. I will be randomly posting photographs and articles that may or may not pertain to photography. Some of the posts may seem really random and some may be useful to the everyday person. I may even post some really entertaining stuff too. We’ll see what the future for this WONDERFUL blog holds.

Stay tuned for some wacky, weird, wonderful goodness.

I’m going to go have fun poking satan through the bars of his cage and see what happens.


what I wish I could have been doing while MIA

30 Days of Photographs


Today starts the first day for my 30 Days of photography project.

Each day I will take 1 photograph of something for the theme of the month and post it. At the end of each month I will then put all 30 into book form and publish it for anyone to buy.


1.) Each photo must be related to the monthly theme in some way.

2.) Each month will be a different theme, but can be related.

3.) Stories are great for each photo, as well as, captions and titles.

4.) Photos can be edited, but not altered in more than basics.

Okay, now for the themes for each month.

MAY ————————————– May B‘s

JUNE ————————————-Bugs

JULY ————————————- Independence

AUGUST ——————————— It’s all there in black and white

SEPTEMBER —————————–Going Green

OCTOBER ——————————– Tricks and Treats

NOVEMBER —————————– Leaving Fall

DECEMBER —————————— Winter

So, there are the themes for each month for the rest of the year. I’ll be posting each day with that days photograph. Everyone is welcomed to comment and send feedback and I encourage it. I hope everyone enjoys my 30 days of photography.